The Driving School for the Disabled!
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Yes, disabled people can drive any car!

They just need to get some modifications done in their car!

Steering Knob

This is helpful for people who have a little weaker grip in their hands. It allows them to control the steering via their elbows.

Left foot Accelerator

This is helpful for people who aren’t very comfortable with their right foot.

Shifting Seat

It is helpful for people to get inside the driving seat comfortably.

What We Offer!

For the disabled!

Conversation over Coffee!

Words have power. Dr. Anita Sharma helps disabled people to get a new perspective on life! Know someone who can be benefited by having a coffee with her?


Driving Sessions!

Anybody can drive! It just a different approach in life to do what you desire! Disabled people are trained on modified cars with manual & automatic transmission.


Seminars & Workshops!

If you’d like to organize a workshop in the related field along with Dr. Anita Sharma, please give us a call for better coordination!


On My Own

Your way to Freedom!

Just because you’re disabled, doesn’t mean you can’t drive!

Now driving won’t be an unfulfilled dream in your life!

Join On My Own & get ready to drive yourself on the road to independence!


“The only disability in one’s life is having low confidence!”

-Dr. Anita Sharma

Founder, On My Own Driving School
An IIM Professor.
A born entrepreneur.
A dreamer with the will to do the impossible!
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